Girls Swim Team

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Girls Swim Team

Saida Aweis and Lucas Johnson

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This year many girls are trying to qualify for state in girl’s swimming. With eight categories, many would expect it to be easy to qualify in at least one. Unfortunately, it’s actually quite difficult to qualify for state, which means more rigorous practices for the girls. “Practice makes me want to cry but it also makes you a faster swimmer, so it worth it,” said freshman Madison Benter on the Sheyenne swim team.
To qualify for State, the girls have to hit a certain time. The swimmers go through one especially challenging week in preparation, full of hard rigorous training to get them ready for EDC and State. This can sometimes include early morning practice.
Swimmers have to be ready for practice by 5:30 in the morning twice a week. The rest of the week days are after school practices from 4:00pm-7:00pm. The schedule is due to the fact two teams use the L.E. Berger pool. Both Sheyenne and the West Fargo Packers train for tournaments there. The shared space adds to the level of competition. Senior Johanna Jones, a senior on the team said, “The team is neck and neck with the West Fargo Packers at all of their duels.”
About half of the girl’s swim team is made up of middle school students, and it’s important for them to be eager for the season. Johanna Jones and the rest of the high school students take it upon themselves to keep the middles school students happy to be on the team. Freshman Madison Benter said “I do talk to a lot of seventh graders. They’re really funny, really nice.” It’s safe to say that the age difference doesn’t really matter to these swimmers.
If you qualify for state it’s an extra week of practice. Swimmers also get to go to Bismarck to compete. If freshman Maddison Benter and her team win state she would like to go out for a big meal with the team “like a big family.” However, Johanna Jones is not counting their winnings just yet. To her, the hardest part of their meets is for the team to keep their energy levels up. Sheyenne will see if the hard works reaps the right rewards.

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Girls Swim Team