Kindness in Our Schools

Grace Lamp, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving rolls around the corner, people’s mindsets go into the holiday breaks. However, something that most people tend to forget about is the manners and the kind mindset that makes Thanksgiving the “thankful” holiday.
Katelyn Ressler, a senior at Sheyenne says, “Complementing [her] on the good things [she’s] done, and saying excuse me in the hallway instead of shoving… is what I would say kindness means to me.” Ressler is just one of the students who noticed the lack of kindness that effects our school and others. Kiarra Johnson, also a senior, says, “Kindness is just being happy and nice to people and not being rude for no apparent reason.” This is why this holiday season, we need to keep kindness and good manners in our thoughts, because while these things may seem like common courtesy, it truly does affect the people around us.
Some people believe that there is kindness at our schools, and that everyone is fine. This is largely because of the loose definitions of what it looks like. Ali Pieper had this to say about the different views of kindness: “I think that there are a ton of debates on what is kind and what is not because everyone is concerned about their own morals, and everyone has their own visons of kindness, and sometimes it gets a little muddled of what is right.”
Regardless, it never hurts to send out another reminder that with the holidays looming over, one more compliment or smile can go a long way.