A Whole New World (of Sports)

Naelly Andrade, Staff Writer

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Here at Sheyenne High we have plenty of sports, including boys’ hockey, cross country, wrestling, basketball, track and more. Most are satisfied with the offerings of the more popular high school sports played around the country, but certainly not 100%. There are some of these sports which Sheyenne does not offer that other schools around us do. Sophomore Shane Kennedy says, “Boys’ volleyball is something most of my friends from Sheyenne and other schools including myself would love to do. We do activities after school for fundraising that requires boys and girls making their own teams for a game of volleyball.” Many other guys at Sheyenne would like to see the high school get a guys’ volleyball team. The only issue is who else is going to be starting up a boys’ volleyball team? Shane also says he knows plenty of people from many grades that would definitely love to join a volleyball team and play in representation of their high school. “If people have a voice to say what they want added to the school, maybe eventually the district and the schools can contribute into making something happen.”
Not only does Shane think students need to have a voice in new sports we want but so does junior Alaina Werlinger. “Sheyenne cut the competitive side of cheerleading, none of us are exactly sure why,” says Alaina. “A lot of us cheerleaders have come so far and now we have nothing to prove since they cut the program of us competing.” Alaina says she is pretty upset about it. She and her cheermates are trying to figure out why they would want to cut the competitive side of cheerleading. Alaina says many high schools around Fargo and near cities have a competitive cheer teams, so one looming issue is not having other teams to compete against.
Other high schools not only have competitive cheer teams, but some high schools have lacrosse as well. Alaina and senior Alyssa Gerszewski argue that Sheyenne students would enjoy the game of lacrosse. “I know for me, I love trying new sports and getting involved but some sports that Sheyenne has don’t really interest me because it’s common,” Alyssa says, “but it would definitely be a different story if we had a lacrosse team.” Having sports that aren’t commonly played around Fargo, Alyssa feels, is going to influence students to have that mindset of wanting to try unfamiliar things.
Not only is it going to be beneficial for the students, but it’s going to be beneficial for the sports itself. “Not a lot of sports get known,” Werlinger added. “Personally for the longest time I didn’t even know lacrosse, rugby, water polo, and all that were existing but it gets me thinking: would I like that sport if I tried it?”she said. She believes many people would love to give it try.
In conclusion, boys’ volleyball team, competitive cheer, and a lacrosse team are some ideas students would love to see Sheyenne and other area schools get involved with. Alyssa says, “as a senior, I know the underclassmen look up to us because I know I did, we have to have a voice to influence the underclassmen to start an idea to get the district to allow us to have the new sports we want. We have to show them that they can do it if they try but it’ll definitely take a lot of hard work.”

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