DECA Water Bottle Project

Lucas Johnson and Grace Lamp

Throughout December and January, a student led club, called Well-Being, will be selling water bottles in order to build wells in Africa. Their proceeds will then be matched by a match program which will go towards helping build the wells. According to Junior Abril Arce who is the communication officer to DECA “The match program will double all of our profits which will total up to $1,500, which is enough to install a well in a village.” Well-Being had originally started this project for their marketing class through DECA in order to get the feel of starting a business and running one effectively. However, it has transformed into something even more than that.
The officers are hoping to raise enough money to build wells in countries that are underdeveloped. Their fundraiser will continue throughout December and into January, after January these water bottles won’t be available until next year. The water bottles are $13 and are currently available on their website, in the Mustang Stable, or you can purchase them from any of their officers. Junior Amber Brekhas says, “Right now the water bottles are grey and they are 32 oz. They are kind of wide, and they have our logo on it.” According to the members of Well-Being the water bottles are reusable, super sturdy, and they are BP free. Well-Being is also hoping that their second shipment will come in December with a special addition water bottle, and they urge their buyers to be on the lookout.
The current officers hope that they will be able to sell $500 worth of merchandise in order to be matched and have their total be doubled for their cause. They also hope that their successors will continue their cause and that these water bottles will be able to people for years to come.