West Fargo Sports Arena

Richard Worae, Staff Writer

With the new West Fargo Sports Arena opening, many players and parents are excited to have more space to practice. The 70,000 square foot, 18 million dollar facility includes seating for about 830 people, a viewing area for 1,200, and two separate rinks. Questions have been raised on how the new arena will benefit the West Fargo area.
The West Fargo sports arena comes with many benefits. Both West Fargo and Sheyenne high school teams have previously practiced at Veterans Memorial Arena. A new hockey rink provides more space for the youth hockey teams and the high school teams to practice. Practice provides players more opportunities to hone their skills and become better. The rink adds more convenience for each player, “It’s a lot closer and more specified for our team”, says Sam Krammer varsity hockey player for the Sheyenne Mustangs. The new arena is south of the interstate located on Sheyenne Street and 32nd Avenue South, allowing for the families and players to not have much trouble getting to games.
High school teams have their own locker rooms and can leave their things in the facility making trips back and forth easier, as well as guest and club lockers for those who want to keep their belongings secure. The new arena has greatly considered the needs of the community and has done a great job in executing the demands of the people of West Fargo.