Music Students Miss Out on School Dance

Karlie Mathias and Grace Lamp

With the Winter Formal just around the corner, many music students are upset because they will miss out on this school dance. Music students involved in the jazz band and Madrigals are going to the University of Mary in Bismarck in order to sing and compete against other schools. However, the competition and the dance share the common date of January 27th. Senior Jessi French says, “I’m angry because it’s my senior year and I’m missing the dance for something that isn’t really an option whether to go or not.” Many other seniors share Jessi’s point of view and are angry that they are missing one of the only dances of the year. From another perspective, student council member Elizabeth Kolb says, “The date for the winter semi-formal was made in the early fall. Although the U of Mary date was made even farther in advance, student council was not aware of this conflict when the date was made,” in reference to the choice of placing the dance on the same day as the Jazz festival.
Despite student council being oblivious to the scheduling conflict, many people are still angry that they are missing one of Sheyenne’s many opportunities to be involved and make memories with their peers due to a miscommunication.