Success for Chemiti

Preeti Chemiti is making her high school years count. She is debatably one of the most successful students in Sheyenne high school. Mr. Kurtti, the head of the debate team at Sheyenne, has this to say about Preeti’s climb to success, “Preeti is successful because she never gives up with trying to improve. She accepts feedback and listens to those who give her ways to become better.”

Preeti Chemiti, as many know, is active in a variety of activities at Sheyenne. From student council and tennis to overall academic success, Preeti is a star student at Sheyenne. Despite all of these accolades, Chemiti is still humble, joking, “Pick a different role model.”
The American Legion Oratorical Competition includes an eight to 10 minute completely memorized speech about some aspect of the constitution. The second part consists of a three to five minute impromptu speech about a randomly drawn amendment.
The competition spans district, regional, state, and national levels. After winning the district, regional, and state levels, Chemiti is advancing to the national level with some scholarship money in the process. “Each of the levels had $300 sponsored by my American legion Post in West Fargo and then in total it came out to $1500,” she say.
Kurtti praises Preeti,”[She] is a fine leader who speaks with authority and poise.” Mr. Kurtti started couching Preeti in the fall of 2017. Since then they’ve been practicing speaking, researching, and building argumentative tactics. “She [has] become better at thinking critically and [is] becoming a better debater and speaker.”

Chemiti’s advice for academic excellence is to work towards a “tangible goal” because it helps her be successful. Some advice that Chemiti lives by is to “try your hardest, do what you want to do. If there’s something you are really passionate about make sure that you go for it.”