SHSDT is Third in the Nation

Richard Worae and Nick Cannon

The Sheyenne Dance team recently participated in UDA Dance Nationals. After making history placing first in the state championships, the mustangs brought a flood of energy to nationals and performed with pride. Leaving around four in the morning, the dance team began their four hour journey to Orlando, Florida through the air. The dancers performed a total of three routines two in the high kick category and one in jazz. The dancers have been looking forward to nationals since the beginning of the season. Sheyenne sophomore, Tristen Wolters, attended nationals for the first time. Helping her team take third out of about 20 teams, Tristen was excited to attend the UDA and help her team place. With one goal in mind, Keida Evenson, varsity dancer, on the team says, “Every day we practice for 2-3 hours, we picture a goal and we work hard. We try to have a good mind set going into any competition”. Their determination was shown in every performance, dominating the regional dance competition Ashton Johnson said it the best, “we worked smarter not harder” this season. With any sport there comes some anxiety in performing. Varsity dancer Laikyn Holsing says “It’s really nerve racking when you’re out on the floor, because you only have one chance to prove yourselves to the judges and show you’re the best team there”. Sheyenne dance team’s journey wasn’t easy. The girls have come so far in the programs 4 year period. After a few difficult seasons, Ashtyn Johnson varsity dancer said, “Having everybody come up to us and say, we have the potential to win [was] encouraging”. A few months later Sheyenne dance team were having a chance to get 1st place at nationals and bring back a medal for Sheyenne high school, every performance the dancers showed their passion for dancing and cherished every moment they had a chance to compete. Competing at the national level was exciting for many reasons, Laikyn say, and “It’s just an experience like no other you only get one chance to go to Florida”. Johnson added “Being there with my team [we] became really close and we are like a family”. The girls made their time in Orlando count, they had fun, they worked hard and their determination shows through their hard work. We can show our appreciation for the team by helping them come up with a name. Anyone interested in their performance can find their routines on Facebook.