Music Students Take Seattle

Grace Lamp, Staff Writer

In the month of March the music department has allowed its students to go on a once in a life time trip to Seattle. Over 100 students went on this trip for a total of five days. Ms. Smith, one of the chaperones and the orchestra teacher here at Sheyenne looked forward to this trip. “This is also a chance for members of the music department to spend time together and bond, which helps us make music together. Finally, part of being a good musician means having life experiences to draw from. This is a chance for students to see a part of the country they may not otherwise get to see, and to have cultural experiences like seeing concerts, shows, museums, and other sites.” However, the travel time will be long. There and back the bus ride will take a total of two days for traveling. Because of this, the music students missed a total of two school days and experienced many troubles along the way. From the bus engine stalling to bathroom toilets not flushing, it’s easy to say that the trip was very memorable. A senior, Jaarell Hanson who went on the Seattle trip loved every second, “Being able to explore they city was very fun. It was diffidently eye opening to see a different side of the United States.” Another senior, Madi Everett also enjoyed traveling to Seattle. “The hardest part about the trip would be keeping my sanity, we were on the bus for 28 hours coming home! But I got closer with my classmates and I made wonderful memories with my band family.” Overall the Seattle trip was an amazing experience for both chaperones and students alike, they were able to have a wonderful experience and travel to a new and interesting place. This trip will definitely be something that they will be talking about for years to come.