Fortnite Review

Lucas Johnson, Graphic Designer

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Fortnite is a massive multiplayer game, currently with two game modes: a battle royale and player versus environment game mode. Fortnite gained its popularity for its battle royale mode, and because of another battle royale game at the time, PlayerUnknown Battleground. Fortnite received some criticism for being similar to the PUBG and was even called a knock off for having a battle royale mode.
Fortnite itself is an addictive game, using the player’s sense of achievement if they win a game to keep playing, or even the idea that the player can win a match. Winning the game, or even making it to final ten players left, fills the player with adrenaline and a belief that, “Hey, maybe I can win this match, I’m so close, it could happen.”
With the multiplayer aspect, every match has 99 other players at the beginning, but people can also team. Players can either team in the game and form temporary alliances, or form a squad of four outside of matches in a party system, and play together. This teaming method allows for mass amounts of coordination for the squad to dominate the other players.
The game also has a building mechanic, where you can build walls, floors, stairs, or roofs and use them to build a fort to fight other players. In order to build those items, you either need wood, brick, or metal, each of them with varying durability, wood being the weakest, brick being medium, and metal being the strongest. The possibility to build giant towers or bridges 50 feet in the air and half a mile long is great, but if another player destroys the base of your construct, it will all come crashing down. You can also build walls for cover and heal yourself before getting back into the fight.
Fortnite provides two types of items you can hold, weapons and health & shields. The weapons have several different levels of rarity, from grey, meaning most common and weakest, to gold, which is the rarest and does the most damage. Health items allow you to heal up outside of combat after taking damage, while the shields give you a barrier of protection before you start to lose health.
The game is fun and entertaining, I enjoy playing it, and have a lot more fun playing with friends. Overall, it’s a good game.

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Fortnite Review