Two Schools, Two Futures, One Team.

Shawnia Klug, Head Writer

January 8, 2014

Student Congress “Our team works really hard to prepare, help each other, [and] working hard to do their very best.” Says Mr. Dodd from Sheyenne High School. The team is now doing just that as they prepare for the State...

Seperating Classes

Akriti Saxena, Writer

January 8, 2014

Classes that are offered at WFPS, but not Sheyenne can waste a lot of time and energy for the students who have electives like JROTC and Health Careers. Although Savanna Christie doesn’t have a class at WFPS, she agrees it would...

Michelle Obama Lunch Standards

January 8, 2014

Positive side Alexa Potter- What do you think about Michelle   Obama’s new school lunch standards? -“it’s a good idea” Why do you think Michelle Obama   set up new standards? -“because she has children...